Finally Mobile

11th June 2005
Finally after 58 years of the the existence of public mobile networks, I have subscribed to the services of a private wireless services provider - Reliance Infocomm. (The first public mobile phone system was launched in New york in 1947)

While in the west, private enterprises led the western countries to celluar revolution from 1952 onwards (AT&T were the pioneers), in India, the private participation in cellular space was opened only in 1992. After 13 years of the service being available in India, and more than 54 million subscribers later, I have jumped on the bandwagon. According to government estimates the total cellular lines in 2010 will be 82 million (at projected growth rate of 15.7%).

Among my friends and family, I am the last one to jump on this mobile bandwagon.
The questions that remain are - do I like to carry a mobile? Perhaps not, but one cannot always do what one wants... Can one ...?