WC 2006 - My Predictions

I am expecting several "Crashes/Surprises/Disappointments", BUT, I am not predicting any.

Here is my list of First -> Second -> Quarter -> Semi -> Finalists -> Winner Predictions

Group A - Germany, Poland, Eucador, Costa Rica
Group B - England, Sweeden, Praraguay, Trinidad
Group C - Argentina, Netherlands, Ivory Coast Serbia
Group D - Portugal, Mexico, Iran, Angola
Group E - Italy, Czech, USA, Ghana
Group F - Brazil, Croatia, Japan, Australia
Group G - France, South Korea, Switzerland, Togo
Group H - Spain, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Tunisia
Second Round -
Germany vs. Sweeden
Argentina vs. Mexico
England vs. Poland
Portugal vs. Netherlands
Italy vs. Croatia
France vs. Saudi Arabia
Brazil vs. Czech Republic
Spain vs. South Korea
Quarter -
Germany vs. Argentina
Italy vs. France
England vs. Netherlands
Brazil vs. Spain
Argentina vs. Italy
England vs. Brazil

Final -
Brazil vs. Argentina
Winner - Argentina.

P.S. - Comment with your predictions