Badly Enough

You will get anything in Life,
provided you want it badly.
And if you don't get it,
you never wanted it badly enough.

This has been one of the cornerstone principles of my life. Since the first time I heard it from a classmate in 6th standard it has stuck with me as a rule of thumb ever after.

Essentially this a restatement of "Nothing is Impossible", but with a deeper significance. It gives meaning to anything one seeks, it defines one's existence and allocates us the energy/motivation to reach there.

When we fail, we get lost in trying to find the reasons of our loss, essentially trying to find something to blame it on . This leads to disappointment, anxiety frustration etc. One can avoid all this by asking ourselves a simple question - "Did I ever wanted it badly?", if the answer is yes, and still you lost - the reason is right in front of you - You never wanted it badly enough, else there is no possible explanation of such a loss.

Now, looking ahead at one's current list of goals, all one has to do is to look at each one of them and ask - Which ones are the ones that I want badly? Mark those. Get those. If you remember that you want these badly, you are more likely to succeed simply because failure would mean - you never wanted them badly enough (essentially rendering you a liar).

Mostly when failure strikes one gets involved in the blame game - this wasn't right, the circumstances were against me, if only this has worked, if only that had worked, if this, if that, if, Oh God only if ...

The mere conviction that you want this particular thing badly will lead to little or no disappointment as in this case failure will be concrete and you move ahead quickly, instead of trying to pin the blame on something and waste time.

I have observed depressed people constanly trying to find and excuse for failure, something to blame for failure and so on and so forth. While, had they merely resolved how badly they need this thing - there ceases to be any room for any blame whatsoever.

Bottomline - If you want something, want it badly else you're most likely to fail and then waste time wondering why you failed.

Also - do note it in your notebook, lest you forget that you ever decided to want it badly :-) (There is a strong possibility that when one knows about this principle and wants something badly and still ends up failing - one immediately goes into denial - one refuses to acknowledge that he/she had ever wanted this thing badly. What happens then is again the blame game cycle)

BTW - this thing that you're chasing - do you really want it badly? ... Really ... Really