This is a post about interesting stuff, not in this post but on the links mentioned here. All links are the output of the creation of Jonathan Harris of, all the links given below are discoverable on his home site also.

A. Wordcount
Noticed the title: Conquistador. What is special about this word? It is the least used word in english language, according to Go on and see for yourself, how word usage is ranked and presented in a wonderful manner.

B. TenByTen
Another great work by Jonathan, where snapshots of time are taken from several news sources. You can see what 2004, 2005 would look like in photos!

C. Time Capsule
This is his latest effort in collaboration with Yahoo. This is an attempt to freeze time till now in photos and words expressed by people from around the world.

Another Jonathan's site, I didn't discuss here is Phylotaxis.

Another extraordinary link not related to Number27 is one of this years Webby award winning site - Big Ideas Come From Big Pencils -Leo Brunett. It won in the Best Visual Design - Aesthetic section. mazing site.

Happy surfing. If you want to discover other great sites, one way is to explore the winners of this years Webby awards (The Oscar equivalent of Internet). Plenty of creativity on display.


P.S - A recent breakthrough discovery led me to another *good* link.