I believe tremendously in ability, of any type or form. However as is the case in any classification, there are those who are *Able*, and then there are those who are *Remark-able*.

Remark-able is not limited only to persons, it is applicable to products, processes, systems and in every sphere conceivable. Let me address the big question

What is remark-able?
It is not anything beautiful, or perfect or ideal - it is simply something worthy of making a remark about.
Remark-able isn't it.

[This is another of those iterative infinite loop, where you repeat the first sentence followed by second and ad continium ...] [Let me also acknowledge the source of this info - Seth Godin -Author of "All Marketers are Liars"]

Examples of truly remarkable
1. Organization's - Bose, Google
2. People - Amartya Sen, Mahatma Gandhi
3. Places - Flower Valley in HP, Himalayas
4. Things - Cooking Gas, Microprocessor
5. Technology - Semiconductor, AI ... And the list continues

Now, that I have established the definition and examples of remark-able, how does it affect us? One may put it off as a marketing gimmick - attention grabber, nothing more nothing less. The real question to be asked is - what makes people remark-able? They have similar resources, environment, sysytems which are available with regular *able* people's disposal, yet they go on to convert themselves from just being-able to being-remark-able.

Is this a gift, a drive, luck, matter of chance that some things are remarkable while others are not? Since, I do not believe in chance/destiny, I would say it all boils down to the "Edge".

More about "Edge" in upcoming posts. Till then contemplate what components we possess are remark-able and which one's are just able. It's time to put a spin to it.

But do also keep the following in mind -

“Don't live down to expectations. Go out there and do something remarkable.”
--Wendy Wasserstein
“Dare to be remarkable."
--Jane Gentry
"Nothing is so common-place as to wish to be remarkable."
--Oliver Wendell Holmes (correction).



Update: Corrected author of the quote + how's this for a spin
It would be remarkable if one didn't wish to be so.
Update again: Link to Seth Godin's TED Talk. Link. (Direct Download Link)