Boy, Roy and Toy

I have a knack for fixating names to people. Here's a list of names I have helped cement, to the point where the subjects actual name got lost in the woods.

1. Sumeet - Mota
2. Chul - Chul
3. Saab - Saab

4. Stan - Boy
5. Rajat - Roy

The final two being part of the trilogy formed in my very first project at MindTree Consulting, where I am positioned as an Engineer.

My pic is there on the right column. Here's Boy and Roy

Here is Roy's individual pic

And Boy, a little confused

More pics, on my Album at Facebook.

What's this post all about?

I almost forgot. It's about changing times. In a matter of 3 months, Boy, Roy and Toy sitting within 5 feet of eah other for 6 months, we havent seen each other in Person for last several months now.

For a long time, I have firmly believed in distances as being the best thing that can happen to anybody. The farther apart one becomes, the better one is able to cherish every individual relation one has been into.

Three cheers to Boy, Roy and Toy.



P.S - If you haven't figured it out by now - I am Toy :-)