As 2006 draws to an end, and my pipe-line keeps on increasing, last weekend I wrapped up my biggest work to date - "Aud-it".

This work simply consists of an exhaustive logging of every material thing I own. Further, there is the annual income-expenditure report. I planned to have these in order to assess my net-worth and have clarity over my credit position at all times.

Sunday morning, I woke up in the worst of conditions and by evening of the same day slept in the best of shapes. A one-day transformation that is worth registering.

My home is in complete mess
a. There are spider webs in every conceivable corner
b. A thick cover of dust on every item
c. My desk is in a complete disarray
d. My almirah is full of rubbish and not organized at all.
e. I haven't taken bath for Friday and Saturday (cannot explain here why)
f. My bed linen needs to be changed urgent ly
g. Lots of clothes outside wordrobe
h. The bathroom STINKS. It cannot be described in words, how worse it was.

a. All spider webs cleaned
b. Cleaned all dust
c. Organized all almirah's
d. Threw off all the rubbish
e. Cleaned the desk
f. Changed bed linen
g. Cleaned the bathroom (took ONE HOUR!) followed by a much needed bath
h. Did this Aud-it.

Just observe the sea change in my existence. It took mammoth 6 hours to do the above tasks. A transformation that I hadn't taken up for months, delaying it for no worthy reason. I simply wanted to get in good shape before 2007 hits.

The audit has brought a slew of numbers into forefront. For example, my net-worth, credit-standing, %likeliness of my possessions ...

I am not publishing the Aud-it here, for privacy reasons. But, each one of you reading this, should undertake an aud-it once in a while. It's good to have a snapshot of one's existence. It churns out some good things and gives one deeper insights of one really is.

P.S. - I will be releasing a copy of my Aud-it only to friends and family members on their individual request through e-mail. Just in case, if you want to know what lies in there?