Yesterday reaffirmed the thing I hate the most. Have you ever thought, what is it that you hate the most?

I will list a few of them here
1. Lack of Hygine ... Common Sense ... Courtesy ... Discretion
2. Trash-talk
3. Apathy
4. Failure
5. ... ...

Different people hate different things to different degrees, but when you sit down and evaluate, what is that you hate the most, it is a tough nut to crack. I will point out mine, you can comment back with yours.

For me failure is one of my strong hatred areas, BUT within that category, being second is what I hate the most. And same thing happening twice is undoubtedly the biggest agony one may come across.

Those who have been in the position will have a better idea, of what I am talking about. You fail, no problem, you will hate it a little. You come third infinite times, no problems again. But when you are second and two times in a row. That is definitively bitter-most spot. (I haven't experienced being second more than 2 times, and I don't want to imagine that situation ever.)

Think about your hate points and what you hate the most and comment back.

P.S - I have intentionally not mentioned which IInd I am talking about, but people close to me should know easily. And stop telling me it doesn't matter and being second is good enough. Either you play to win or don't play at all. And when you play being second is the worst of all.


BTW: Boy, I think you would have guessed it by now. If not, then think a little harder, you will get it instantly.