There's a long history of pipeline. Pipeline's have revolutionized our living styles. Be it in any sector, but myself being in a technical field, Microprocessor pipelines are of more interest to me.

Intel, had an addiction with the pipeline idea, when they moved from 0 to 8 stages to 14, 20 and eventually 31 in P4 Netburst, only to realize that increasing the pipeline wasn't a linear gain scenario. It was an inverse parabola, where after some steps the penalty for pipeline thrashing is more time consuming than the gain it provides by pre-fetching longer list instructions. With their latest line they are back to the sweet spot of 14.

The point?
We all have our own pipelines. The way we live, we execute our tasks in sequence. Of-course there is a scheduler, but the tasks are always arranged in a pipeline, waiting for their turn to get executed and eventually achieve completion/closure.

One can easily arrange one's pipelines, and see their progress, pace and re-arrange tasks to achieve better throughput.
Here are few of my personal categories and items stuck there

1. Career
a. Current Project
b. EoP

2. Blog
a. Pipe-line (current task)
b. Walk (0%)
c. Run (60%)
d. Fly (60%)
e. Foot-print (30%)
f. Audit (30%)
g. Organ-ize (10%)
h. Intelli-conv (40%)

3. Personal
a. Passport
b. Hair cut
c. A Photo Story Movie Project (5%)
d. Audit
e. Weight gain


This structure provides one a tremendous sense of clarity and direction.

P.S - This post was supposed to be a pre-cursor of what is in store. I am slow in scheduling this pipeline as of now. But as we all know, if it grows to long, Pipeline thrashing can become very expensive.