For a long time, I had the idea to arbitrage 'Greenery' for selling products. Finally, ITC did it with their Sunfeast line of biscuits. The idea is simple, sell products based on the fact that you are environmentally friendlier than your competition. This should do wonders in segments where there are limited differentiating factors.

Greenery gives you the two sided edge. One, you are reducing your organizations carbon-consumption therefore being more prepared for future's environment norms. Second, you are calling other environmentalists to lend you their support, by simply choosing their product over a line of twenty clone companies.

I whole-heartedly support Sunfeast, so much so that, I have pledged to never buy any other biscuit but for ITC's Sunfeast. Do lend your support also to greener, more socially aware organizations.

UPDATE: ITC is now promoting their "Aashirvad's" line of products, by supporting Water related projects in rural India. Another ace I say.