Lately I have been trying to figure out why I had to drop several items from my to-do list.

I am still without a Passport, no Internet connection at home, didn't complete about 10 blog posts, my learning curve is flattening etc.

The single answer for all of these is simple - Pro-cras-ti-nation. According to Ze Frank, it's just one of the sad little things that makes us human while we wait till d-.

There are several perspectives on this, why we end up delaying critical work items, until a point where one fails miserably. It's a type of force field between us and the tasks we are supposed to do.

Procrastination has its own formula also (Discounted Expectancy Theory 2)
Utility = E x V / ΓD

Expectancy a person has of succeeding with a given task (E),
The value of completing the task (V)
The desirability of the task (Utility)
Its immediacy or availability (Γ) (Capital Gamma)
Person's sensitivity to delay (D).

Eventually it boils down to stern discipline, the following links will help to form a definitive perspective on the subject -

1. Ze Franks - The Show - "Pro-cra" episode
2. Theories of Procrastination
3. The effectiveness of self-imposed deadlines on procrastination
3.a. - Link in above post - Procrastination itself is the reward
3.b. - Link in above post - Ariely, D. & Wertenbroch, K. (2002). Procrastination, deadlines, and performance: Self-control by precommitment. Psychological Science, 13(3), 219-224. [PDF]

Get that perspective, and follow-up on the to-do list.


2 sentences on Pro-cras-ti-nation I like -
A. - If it can't be done the night before... it can't be done.
B. - Hard Work often pays off after time, but Laziness always pays off now.