KISS - Keep it simple stupid - It's not as simple as it seems, and this very paradox makes simplicity one of the most complex things to achieve.
But, we have help.
John Maeda, a graphic designer and visual artist, spoke at TED 2007, on his book- The Laws of Simpliciy and Bruno Giussani wrote a summary of that on his blog.
Here are the ten laws -
  1. Reduce: The simplest way to achieve simplicity is through thoughtful reduction
  2. Organize: Organization makes a system of many appear fewer
  3. Time: Savings in time feel like simplicity
  4. Learn: Knowledge makes everything simpler
  5. Differences: Simplicity and complexity need each other
  6. Context: What lies in the periphery of simplicity is definitely not peripheral
  7. Emotions: More emotions are better than less.
  8. Trust: In simplicity we trust
  9. Failure: Some things can never be made simple.
  10. The one: simplicity is about subtracting the obvious, and adding the meaningful

Interesting. I hope this makes things simpler.



Update: - TED Talk's site posted this talk by John Maeda recently - Link. (Direct Download Link)