I am looking forward for reading Seth Godin's latest book titled The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick), (link, link), which is why the title of the post.

Monday was one of the worst days of my professional career spanning 22 months. I was assigned to look into an irregular defect. I closed it 5 minutes, going on to look in to other pending issues. I sat to make the release at 7:00 pm, only to realize that the defect had more to it than what had met my eye. It was still existing. Panic.

After much grappling, I zeroed into the larger issue and closed it yet again. Made the release (at my usual time 8:45 pm) only to see the defect showing up yet again. (It was a randomly occurring defect, so if it doesn't shows up 10 consecutive times I concluded that it had gone for good, but it had not).

More Panic. 9:00 PM is the last bus out of office. I had to lapse that. Sit for another 45 minutes to really get to the core. Eventually it turned out to be a small configuration conflict. Painful to acknowledge that it was such a small thing. I left office at 9:45 pm.

Office work had already made my state of mind very angry. To add insult to injury Cab driver decided to cheat by charging Rs. 50 extra. Had little choice. To further this, my rooms ceiling fan went dead. After 3 hours of mental agony I was at the bottom of a transient 'Dip'.

It wasn't all that bad in the end, if you know how to get out of these dips. It went on to watch Jeff Bezos and Seth Godin's TED Talks. Delightful to say the least. I will post a summary of Bezos' talk here shortly. Wait for that, while I enjoy the upswing in this 'Dip'


P.S - In case you noticed the change in the title from 'oloP' to 'Existence Exists'. This is actually the answer to an older post (Absolute Truth). It is a Metaphysical Axiom (an irreducible primary) stating that there is something, as opposed to nothing. (Link)