Part 3 of three part series Walk, Run, and Fly.

One of the biggest questions about anything one evaluates - "Will it fly?"

This is not just a question, it has got important implications. We live pretty much in an era of mediocrity, self-centered, me-too, I, I and I type society. Things pretty much are stagnant, some crawl, some walk, some run, but very few shining stars do actually end up flying.

"Will it fly?" is not just a phrase, it's perhaps the single most important standpoint from which one should judge our operational success. We are all involved in our daily chores, missing the bigger picture, and sometimes when we do actually stubmle upon the thought of larger consequences it's often too late for any course correction. In other words, we had only designed it to walk, now modifications to make it fly are simply too cumbersome to undertake.

Simply take a look at your latest task and ask yourself, will it fly? Take a look at past failures, mediocre outputs, marginal successes and ask again - could it have flown? And finally, the next time you undertake anything, and I mean anything - never forget asking "Will it fly?" and everytime you hear the answer no, keep working till you can confidently say, Yes, it will.

There are some online resources, where this question is directly linked to Innovation and Entrepreneurship. + Will It Fly? How to Know if Your New Business Idea Has Wings...Before You Take the Leap by Thomas K. McKnight, having an Innovator's Scorecard with 44 success factors.