This post is about Zune.

A lot of my friends are convinced on buying Apple iPod Video 5.5G 30GB, and some have already made the mistake. For others, here's my opinion on Handheld Portable Media Players

1. They are expensive.
2. They are not much useful.
3. Wearing earphones is not much fun/comfortable for long periods.

Even after considering the above points, you still want one, go ahead BUT try to avoid the Apple iPod Video (just my opinion!). Here are my reasons
  1. $200 for a Black Zune (link) vs. $250 for iPod video.
  2. 3.0" in Zune vs. 2.5" of iPod video. Bigger is better.
  3. Toshiba's Gigabeat technology
  4. Reverse syncing of non-DRM songs
  5. Rubberized body so no need for a cover or worry about scratches
  6. WiFi for sharing songs and maybe more options as firmware is revised
  7. FM Tuner!!
  8. Supposedly Zune's got better battery life (only a speculation)
  9. iPod Video 30GB's BOM (Bill of Materials) is only $151, a cool $98 for Apple. (link)

Although there are few plus points for iPod Video -

  1. Click Wheel
  2. Better looks

I do not consider the above two differences reason enough to tank $50 extra on iPod video vs. Zune.

My verdict is to avoid the purchase, but if you must, Zune makes much more sense.



P.S - In case you do not agree, leave your arguments in the comments. I will try to reply to them. And no other $100 cheapo MPEG4 players do not make any sense either. For those considering iPod Nano, do look at Sansa e200 series (cheaper, with FM, voice recorder, MJPEG video playback, but it is not so slick/stylisy and does not sport the surreal click-wheel)