Past few weeks were time to say goodbye to a lot of things in one go. Starting as an Engineer at MindTree Consulting Ltd. to now a Senior Engineer, a lot of things changed. Here’s a quick recap of the same
  1. June 25th 2005 – Landing at Bangalore City Railway Station
  2. July 1st 2005 – Joined MindTree Consulting Ltd. (Pvt. Ltd. back then)
  3. July 5th 2005 – Rented the first house at #2
  4. July 29th 2005 – First Salary
  5. September 22nd 2005 – BT Fist Edition
  6. November 15th 2005 – BT Second Edition
  7. March 2nd 2006 – BT Third Edition
  8. March 10th 2006 – Shifted to new house #38
  9. March 15th 2006 – BT Fourth and Final Edition
  10. June 2006 – First Appraisal I / Raise I
  11. January 2007 – Promotion / Raise II
  12. May 2007 – Appraisal II / Raise II

Other notable landmarks were farewell to seniors at college and subsequently at work Ankit Agarwal and Amit Gupta. Few other colleagues left MindTree to pursue other goals, and this June two more followed suit. Again senior at college and work as well as close friend Joydeep Mukherjee is off to XLRI, Jamshedpur, while co-editor BT, classmate, colleague, flat-mate and close friend Yuvraj Singh is off to SIBM, Pune.

We had a small get together for dinner thrown lavishly at South Parade, Chancery at Lavelle road. Some pics –

Me and Yuvraj

Rest of Group

Joydeep Mukherjee, Romil Goel and Yuvraj Singh(Apologies for dark, grainy camera phone pictures)

Looking backwards at past two years it’s been one long time away from home. I heard a lot of talk about ideas, plans, deals, thoughts and dreams for the future. But at the end of the day, what matters is who we are right now. No matter what becomes of us, it has been my pleasure knowing them. Parting words -

"It started as a pilgrimage,
Exalting minds, making all the burdens light,
The second stage came, but did not test the call,
The sun beat down to match our rage ...

... And when we finally reached there,

We hardly knew why we were there,
The trip had darkened every face,
Our deeds were neither great nor rare,
Home is where we have to gather grace
Home is where we have to gather grace."

--From Pilgrimage by Nissim Ezekiel