Google recently announced their commitment to Carbon Neutrality (link). This is in line with several industry and media experts reporting the importance of Green/Clean technologies for the future.

Related to this is the recently released emotional talk of John Doerr (VC, Partner KPCB) at TED 2007. Also related is the talk of Thomas Friedman (NY Times columnist, author) given at PopTech. Both interesting and full of compelling arguments in favor of Green and Clean technologies, especially for energy.

Both John and Thomas focus on energy requirements of our and future generations, and their linkage to our growth sustainability. Thomas pronounces that green is the new red, white and blue, and that our current energy crisis is like no other.

Must watch John Doerr (for slide show) and listen to Thomas Friedman.

Direct download links - John Doerr (~20 minutes, zipped mp4 58 MB) and Thomas Friedman (~20 minutes, mp3 19MB)


Update: Also add Richard Alley's wonderful talk at PopTech to the list. Link, (Direct link to Mp3, Mov)