All right, no explanation of the title again. Read up.

Last time I covered Jonathan Harris was way back in October 2006, and had never checked back again, until now. I had already covered TenByTen, Word Count, Time Capsule and a bit of Phylotaxis.

If you've been reading up this blog lately, you would have noticed the increased postings about talks delivered at TED. Yes, that's right. They recently posted one given by Jonathan Harris at TED 2007. See the connection.

He talks about the rationale behind his body of work and shows three of his newer works. Time Capsule which I covered earlier, We feel fine and Universe are the other two.

Right now I am too tired to elaborate further, only to the extent that his new works are simply stunning. Do watch here. (Direct download zipped .mp4 52MB)

While you are checking the talk, do also look at some of other works listed at his site. For example - Information Maps,