Just came across the story of AdventNet's CEO Sridhar Vembu, on Forbes - The smartest unknown Indian Entrepreneur.

The article tracks AdventNet's success in Network management products and now CRM /productivity suite Zoho.

Even though I've used Zoho, I never knew that it was made by Chennai based, 600 employee strong AdventNet and was actually founded way back in 1996. Forbes article places its revenues at $40 million and profits at a stunning $12 million. That is roughly Rs. 8 lacs per annum of profit per employee, and this is not the sweetest part of the story.

AdventNet's Zoho is competing with CRM behemoth Salesforce.com and Google's Document suite. The cost differential - $10 of Zoho vs. $65 per month of Salesforce.com. All this by a privately owned Indian firm which is rewriting rules in Software as a Service (SaaS) market.

Stunning and Bold.

Zoho CRM, Projects, Business, Meeting, Mail, Chat, Planner, Wiki, Notebook, DB and Reports, Creator, Show, Sheet and Writer. Phew. 14 in total. This is still less than their Network Management product line-up.

I will be trying out more Zoho products. As far as their corporate motto goes "Excellence Matters", its worth a try.

Do give the Forbes article a read. Link again. (It's much well written). It also has a link to Sramana Mitra's 7 part interview of Sridhar Vembu -Happily Bootstrapping: Zoho CEO Sridhar Vembu


Update: I missed Zoho24x7, Viewer, Polls and Challenge. That makes it 18 in all.