Right To Information (RTI) Act adds to the seven fundamental and other constitutional rights given by the sovereign state of India to it's citizens. It was enacted in 2005 and has been one of the key achievements of the current UPA government.

I recently used RTI to get some information from IIM-Indore. The application as well as the reply is available here.

For enhancing transparency further, public education institutes should also
  1. Publish Annual Reports - Example
  2. Publish Research and Faculty's profile - Ex 1, Ex 2, Ex 3
These basic disclosures make a lot of sense, as they will help reduce the number of RTI applications. Had IIM-I published regular annual reports, it would have saved me from having to use RTI.

They may learn from PMO which regularly publishes its activities. I have also sent the same suggestion to PMO, Ministry of HRD and few IIMs.


P.S - IIM-A's online feedback form returns a page not found error (link).