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Adults require ~700mg of daily Calcium intake. (source). Here's a brief breakup -
  1. Glass of milk - 0.3 pints (140ml) - 234mg of calcium
  2. Fortified Whole Wheat - Bread, Rotis etc. - 140 to 180mg - 2 to 3 slices
  3. Vegetables, Soya, Nuts etc - 30 to 80mg per portion
If one consumes milk products regularly, calcium requirements will be met effortlessly. Fortified whole wheat also has a significant role to play. Given that we don't eat much soya items in India, vegetable intake is irregular and food quality is uncertain, it is worth considering a supplement.

I take a single tablet of Calcium supplement daily which gives 250mg of Calcium. The rest comes from fortified wheat, vegetables and milk.


Disclaimer - I am an Electrical Engineer. Consider the above text at your own discretion.