General Elections 2009 are approaching quickly (16th April to 13th May). The 'pundit's' have made their guesses. Here are mine -

Magic numbers -
Whoever reaches 125 seats should be able to form the government - INC, BJP or Third Front. The Magic number for Kumari Mayawati is 50+ seats.

My favorite's for PM are (in order) -
  1. Kumari Mayawati (favorite)
  2. Shri. Rahul Gandhi (Dr. Manmohan Singh may start, but pass over to Rahul later)
  3. Shri. L. K. Advani

Every other PM in India has been inevitably from the great plains of the Ganges i.e. Uttar Pradesh.
See the pattern. Out of 14 PM's elected till date, 6 were born in UP and 2 more contested from UP. That is 57% chance of next PM is contesting from UP.

Even though Mayawati was born in New Delhi, (also Rahul Gandhi) she would contest from UP, i.e. if she hits the magic number. We'll know for sure on 16th May. That's the magic date. Fingers crossed.


p.s. - Place your bets / favorites in the comments.
disclaimer - I was born and brought up in UP. So there is an obvious genetic bias.