There has been a recent deluge of songs eulogizing You, the other. Following are few instances (summarized into bullet points)


A. Song – Bakhuda Tumhi Ho – Kismat Konnection - (Lyrics)

By Lord, You are, You are, You --

  1. Are in sensation
  2. Are in emotions
  3. Are in moments
  4. Are in night and day
  5. Are in every place
  6. Are wherever I see
  7. Are whenever I see
  8. Are this world
  9. Are that world
  10. Are present starting from earth to sky
  11. Are infinite
  12. Are in me
  13. Are the road
  14. Are the savior
  15. Are the shelter of my wishes
  16. Are the ultimate beginning
  17. Are the ultimate end
  18. Are the purpose of life
  19. Are the reason of life


B. Song Tum Se Hi – Jab We Met(Lyrics)

You are the only one because of which -
  1. Morning happens
  2. Melodious evening comes
  3. Breath comes at every moment
  4. Life is defined
  5. Wherever i go, I meet you
  6. There is silence in Noise(cacophony)
  7. There's little bit of trance
  8. I have been able to accomplish whatever I am
  9. Roads merge
  10. Destinations are reached

C. Song Tum Ho To – Rock On!! (Lyrics)

If you are (exist) -
  1. Heart sings
  2. Everything is achieved
  3. Atmosphere is beautiful like dreams
  4. It feels like all happiness is achieved
  5. Roads are present
  6. Almost Everything is here
  7. World is benevolent every moment
  8. Air has the color of love
  9. Finding you is to find life
If you aren't -
  1. There are no songs
  2. There is nothing here
  3. Every happiness is deficient
  4. There are no roads
  5. There is no one here
  6. No energy no happiness
Thus life demands you.


D. Misc. Song Zara Sa Dil Mein Jannat (Emran Hashmi) – (Lyrics)

Kindly consider granting me a little bit of (requests) --

  1. Space in your heart
  2. Make me part of yourself
  3. Decorate your dreams with me
  4. Settle me in your memory

I pledge the following -

  1. I like you infinitely, devoted to you unbounded
  2. I will keep this world at your feet, My love is madness
  3. There is no lover like me for you, You are my prayer

Two supporting requests -

  1. Say whatever is hidden in your heart, your true wish
  2. Don't keep any curtain between us, believe my word


Clearly too much focus on 'You'. The last one is practically an exercise in begging. Overall 'Tumhi Ho', 'Tumse Hi', 'Tum Ho To', Tum, Tum, Tum, You, You, You. Enough.

Shall we move on now.


p.s. Found any translation mistakes? Post in comments.