Toe recently updated their Gapminder World Application with new data on energy indicators. Specifically  -
  1. Energy use, per person
  2. Energy use, total
  3. Energy production, per person
  4. Energy production, total
Although this information has been available from DOE / WDI etc. in the past, it's the visual approach of Gapminder which makes these numbers alive..

Gapminder's charts give all energy metrics in TOE - Tons of oil equivalent. One can easily convert it to more digestible metrics. Here's few samples (data for 2007)
  1. USA Annual energy use (1st overall) - 2.34b toe
  2. China Annual energy use (2nd overall) - 1.95b toe
  3. India Annual energy use (4th overall) - 0.59b toe
  4. USA Annual energy use per capita  - 7.8 toe
  5. China Annual energy use per capita  - 1.5 toe
  6. India Annual energy use per capita - 0.53 toe
  7. 1 toe = 11,630 kWh
  8. USA power usage per capita - 10,355 Watts (14.73x India)
  9. China power usage per capita - 1,991 Watts (2.83x India)
  10. India power usage per capita - 703 Watts
My personal estimates hovers around 1800 Watts (Personal) + ~4000 Watts (Professional + Externalities) = 5.8 kWatts ~ 2.5x the global average of 2.4 kW.

Head over to Wattzon for calculating your personal estimates, and Gapminder World application for more data.


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