I prefer Twitter over FB for more than one reason. Just compare their year end posts. (FB vs. Twitter).
Following are my 10 favorite Re-tweets from 2010. RT @poloolop - (in chronological order)

10  predictions  for  the  world  of  January 1,  2020
 @newsycombinator, 3rd Jan, Link

Norwegian  19-year-old  crowned  world  chess champ
@newsycombinator, 5th Jan, Link

sense of ennui creeping in. India needs game changers, people willing to travel to edge and back with ideas and experiments. break sameness
@BDUTT, 11th Jan, Link

Nokia tries to reinvent itself: Bears at the door

Blog update... Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal (could AT&T sue Apple over the iPad?)

"Keanu Reeves Gives £50 Million to Unsung Heroes of 'Matrix'" -

Scott  Adams:  How  I  (Almost)  Saved  the  Earth

Worth a read, I liked this Economist article about Brazil and its agriculture work in the Cerrado -

Woot!!! SO HAPPY TODAY - Rafael Nadal has the "Career Golden Grand Slam" #AustralianOpen #RolandGarros #Wimbledon #USOpen #OlympicGames   @

Don't Work. Be Hated. Love Someone. [Speech @ NTU Convocation 2008]

The  best  investment  advice  you'll  never  get

These are actually 11. Twitter +1.
And to close, two Tweets,  from yours truly @poloolop

Saul Griffith on Heriloom Design - "Planned obsolescence and fashion seasons are new and constructed problems."

"Cumulative time devoted to creating Wikipedia, ~100 million hours, is expended by Americans every weekend, just watching ads" @cshirky

So which one is your favorite Tweet of 2010?