TED is celebrating five years of 900+ video's being online. TED Blog asked few questions in their post - "Have you watched all the TED Talks?"

The answer is Yes.

Here's detailed answers to their questions -

  1. How did you find TEDTalks?

    I had bought my first laptop in February 2006 and at the time was living at a proverbial 'Bachelor Pad' without any TV. This meant that I was regulary spending time finding quality content online. At the time I read about TED in some 'random' content list blog post about documentaries. I watched all 6 of originally released talks, and immediately signed when started accepting members. I am member #929

    1. At what point did you set the goal: “I want to watch every TEDTalk”?

      Very first batch of talks released had me hooked. 
      I've watched regularly throughout 5 years. Never been behind more than ~15 in iTunes playlist.

    2. How are you keeping track?
      iTunes + My own Spreadsheet (derived from original) -

    3. What’s a talk you think you would not have watched without this goal?
      None, however I may not have kept up the pace, without my iPod Touch + iTunes

    4. What’s your favorite TEDTalk?
      I have a list of Short list of 193 out of 900+, and a shorter list of Top 35 18-minute format talks and Top 20 3-10 minute short talks.  Out of top 10, Bill Stone and Wade Davis
      share my favorite talks spot. I am yet to create a playlist for this on

    5. What’s something you learned from this experience?
      To watch every TED Talk, you may have to give up your cable-Television, else it's tough. And if possible blog about your favorite ones. (example - tag).

    Best of Luck to everyone who is aiming to clear their 5-year backlog.