I am back with a post under 'Measure' category.

It's been more than a year since my previous post, and there were multiple reasons behind the 12 month absence. However, those reasons are now in the past, and I plan to return to  one-post-a-month frequency.

After having spent Rs. 1 million in July 2005-December 2010 (65 months), I have now managed to cross Rs. 2 million milestone in June 2012 (3 months back). The second million took 18 months. Here's the updated daily expense graph.

The chart also shows that my cumulative average daily expenses have crossed Rs. 1k per day mark, and current daily expenses are hovering around Rs. 3k per day. Projecting this forward, I am estimated to be burning through the third million in roughly 12 months (by June 2013). 

What led to this explosion in my expenses. Well, technically the expenses in last 12 months are providing for two persons, so it may not be that big of a rise. However, I did ended up purchasing several expensive items for the house. This has increased the number of items  in my $50 and above list from 13 to 36. Thus I bought 23 new items costing more than $50 each. The list of 36 items now now constitutes ~Rs 0.5 million of the 2 million spent so far.

Whatever be the reason behind the increase, it's incredibly hard to reduce your expenses once they've crossed the line (More on that in upcoming post!).

Here's rough breakup of where the 3k goes every day
  1. Taxes ~400 to 600 per day
  2. Rent - ~350 per day
  3. Travel - ~ 300 per day
  4. Electronics - ~300 per day
  5. Commute - ~300 per day (I bought Honda Aviator for my wife recently)
  6. Food - ~300 per day (Eating out 3-4 times a week)
  7. Gifts + Donations - ~200 per day
  8. Entertainment - ~100 per day
  9. Phone + Internet - ~ Rs. 60 per day
  10. Electricity ~ Rs. 15 per day
  11. Miscellaneous Shopping. - 450 - 500 per day

There you have the breakup. Keep measuring.