I had ordered my Raspberry Pi (Model B, 512MB RAM new one), back in October 2012. I received it two days back on Jan 12th.
My primary goal for getting RPi was to use it as Network Attahced Storage (NAS). And after a lot of tinkering, following this link, it's finally functional.
Total Cost Breakup
  1. Rs 2400 - RPi
  2. Rs. 745 - Cas
  3. Rs. 250 - Power Cable
  4. Rs. 750 - 16GB SD Card
  5. Ethernet cable - Negligible
  6. USB Hard Disk - Bought separately - 1TB for Rs. 4900
So 1TB NAS  = Rs. 9045= ~$165. ($75 without hard-disk). There are cheaper solutions, like a $30 Pogo plug.

  1. I am not able to connect two USB disks, as RPi cannot power both at the same time
  2. My Dell monitor doesn't work with RPi. I had to use my TV as external monitor to configure RPi