Google IO is scheduled for May 15th, in exactly a month from now. Here are some rumors flying around -
  1. Motorola X Phone - This is supposed to be launched - However new reports suggest delays.
  2. Nexus 5 - 5", 1080P, QC S600 - Will this be the next nexus to be announced?
  3. Smartwatch - Everybody is trying to jump on to the same after Pebble's launch, and Apple rumors. Even Samsung is now rumored to be bringing a smart watch.
  4. New Nexus 7 for $149 - $49 cheaper. What I'd like is a 3G tablet at $99-$149. MediaTek, where art thou?
  5. Google Glass - There should be some updates on the same. Google is supposed to ship the first batch soon.
  6. KLP - Key Lime Pie preview

Bottom-line: We don't know if Motorola X Phone = Nexus 5 or they are two different devices. So, Hold your purchase of next Android phone/tablet till May 15th.