Twitterati was lit up this week on the Lemp BrewPub incident in Gurgaon. There are always two sides of the coin, and currently both sides have withdrawn their versions of the truth from the internet.

However Internet has a strong memory, and it's hard to erase stuff. And as expected, both versions continue to live on the internet -

  1. Lemp Experience

  2. People for Lemp

As a neutral third-party, both stories appear to be legitimate to me. The restaurant has full rights to recover its money. However the manner in which it approaches the same is what makes a difference. We'd never know the entire truth to pass judgement on this, however Zomato continues to rate the place 1.2. They removed bulk of negative votes, when total was >3k at a time. Currently the number of votes is only 1.2k.

Lessons - Be sure you are clear about the price of items you are ordering. If it turns out otherwise, don't complain, but pay. Simple!