It's been eight years. Eight long years since graduating from DEI in 2005.  6.5 years at MindTree and 1.5 at Ittiam Systems. 6.5 in Bangalore and 1.5 in Delhi/Noida.

Here are eight lessons learned
  1. Play to win - There's no other way.
  2. RCA- Root cause analysis - It's important to get to the root.
  3. Big Picture - Zoom out often to keep the big-picture intact. It's easy to lose sight of the horizon.
  4. Learn by Doing
  5. Work Ethic and Discipline - Again, difficult to maintain, and slippage will hurt
  6. Seven and Frugal - Try keeping stuff for 7 years minimum and adopt frugaity. Certainly not for everyone. We cannot continue discarding working stuff every 1-2 years.
  7. Measure what's measurable - Measure
  8. Be Audacious - Break stereotypes, break stigma. Don't let dogma put you down.