I don't do many trip logs, which is the result of taking very few trips. The last trip log I wrote was way back in April 2010 (Puducherry). 
The list of trips after year 2000-01, now stands at 10. Here's the updated list - 
  1. Jaipur - 2003, with Family. 2n, 3d 
  2. Dehradun - 2005, with Suchit. 1n, 2d (Yuvraj's Cousins' wedding) 
  3. Mumbai - 2007, with Amol and Sachin. 2n, 3d 
  4. Mysore / Ooty - 2007, with Family. 3n, 4d 
  5. Kerela - 2008, with Mohit et. all. 4n, 3d 
  6. Puducherry - 2009, with Yuvraj and Aditya. 3n, 2d
  7. Udaipur, Mount Abu - Sept. 2011 -  6d, 5n
  8. Chandigarh - Jan 2012 - 2d, 1n
  9. Andaman's - Dec 2012 - 4d, 3n
  10. Jabalpur - July 2013 - 3d, 2n (54 hours travel, 12 hours stay)
Here's the obligatory expense breakup. Total expenses - $105 

(*Local  = Auto/taxi fare)
I used a mix of transport options for the trip -
  1. Flight Bangalore to Nagpur - 918 km, Rs. 4048 = Rs. 4.4 per km. ~650 kmph
  2. Bus From Nagpur to Jabalpur - 267km, Rs. 260 = Rs. 1.0 per km ~27 kmph
  3. Train from Jabalpur to Bangalore - 2000km, Rs. 654 = Rs. 0.32 per km ~55 kmph
Incidentally, this was the 120th leave I've taken in last eight years.

(Yes Total number of Sick Leaves in 8 years is 2.5, from which 1.5 days were taken in May this year.)

And finally the Good, the Bad and the Ugly


  1. Marriage arrangements were done exceptionally well. I loved the warm hospitality of hosts from Jabalpur and Bulandshahr. I enjoyed my time there.
  2. Onward Flight - BMTC's Vayu Vajra came on time, Indigo flight was also on time as usual.
  3. Met Joydeep after a long time (~June 2010, 3+ years)
  4. Great weather throughout the journey. Light drizzles and cool breeze. Managed to finish two books in the 54 hour travel time.
  5. Traveled in Sleeper class after about two years. You tend to get significantly more interesting people to interact in Sleeper vs. 2-3 tier AC bogeys. This also saved me ~Rs. 1300. I'll be posting about these conversations soon.
  1. De-boarded Sanghmitra Express at KR Puram Railway Station instead of City. Also took a private bus, instead of BMTC. This took about 30 minutes extra vs. going to City Railway station and hiring a cab or an auto.
  2. Breakfast at Bangalore Airport - Rs. 120, consisted of Two idli's and a vada. 

Wedding Dinner - Went light. Only 1 chapati.

  1. Took Private bus from Nagpur to Jabalpur which took 10 hours instead of 7. This was a painfully long bus ride, especially because the operator was stopping for 10 minutes at every other village.
  2. Pre-Paid Taxi Fare from Nagpur Airport is obnoxiously high. Rs. 400 for 11 km. Fie Fie.