I wrote about plastic last month. This post continues on the same track. One of my colleagues gave me a McDonald's coupon which gives you a free coke OR medium fries OR a McVeggie burger, provided one buys stuff worth Rs. 100 and above. I am not a regular McD customer, but on odd occasions, I do visit their stores from time to time. My usual order is their Noon to 3pm discounted Lunch - "Mc Aloo Tikki Lunch" for Rs. 55. In order to utilize the coupon, I ordered two meals and got a free McVeggie as promised by the coupon. Here's the plate -
And here's the plate after finishing -

Notice anything? I hope you may have come across Capt. Charles Moore talk at TED on Pacific Garbage Patch. Here it is again -

The thing to notice is unnecessary use of plastic in serving the meal. Now, I am fully aware that plastic 'Can' be recycled, however that should not be the rider for using it in scenarios where it is not required at all. I shot a suggestion / feedback email to McDonald's India. Full text of the email sent to [email protected] below -

I am one of the many customers of McDonald's in India, and I am sending my feedback / suggestion on avoiding plastic usage by the medium of this e-mail to you. I've broken my feedback in following points, and request you to kindly consider these -
  1. I visited your 4th Block Jayanagar Bangalore store today (27/7/2013) afternoon at around 1:45PM, with the intention of having Mc Aloo Tikki Meal. (Attaching the picture of the same.)
  2. After finishing my meal, I was taken aback with the usage of disposable (recyclable, however still disposable) plastic materials in my meal. (Attaching second picture of the same.)
  3. My specific suggestion is that each one of these may have been avoided, and in the process actually save McDonald's operational costs. Please refer to the picture attached, and remaining points are about specific plastic items
  4. Tomato Sauce - Plastic disposable sachets may be replaced by squeeze bottles for serving Ketchup
  5. No Straw required - Instead of throwing a pair of straw's in each soft-drink, they should be kept hidden from view, and only provided on specific customer request
  6. No Plastic Lid/Cap required for the Cup - Again, if the order is not take-away, people may drink their cola directly from the paper cup
  7. Plastic Cutlery (Spoons) (Not in the picture)- Although these will be required to be cleaned by the staff, I believe having reusable cutlery is best. As a side suggestion, McDonald's may ask customers to carry their own spoons, and/or sell Bamboo (reusable and environmentally friendly) cutlery at the counter.

Thanks for your patience in reading my list of suggestions. Best of Luck and keep doing the good work your organization is doing. Good Luck and all the best.

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Let's see what comes out of it.