The post is for those who have already rooted their Jelly Bean devices or want to root afresh. After upgrading to Android 4.3, I lost my root privileges, forcing me to re-root the device. Here are the steps to root / re-root.

  1. Download these two packages - SuperSU 1.43 and TWRP Mod Image
  2. Push in /sdcard/Download folder
  3. Backup Apps and Data - adb backup
  4. Reboot the device in Fastboot mode, by first powering off, then pressing Volume-Down Key and Power key simultaneously.
  5. If you had rooted before, your bootloader is already unlocked. If not, then unlock the bootloader. - 'fastboot oem unlock'. (You will need fastboot and adb tools, for which you will have to download Android Image and unzip it, OR download Android SDK. These come with fastboot and adb tools)
  6. Now, when you are in fastboot mode, give following command

    sudo fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-
  7. Now press volume down button and select 'Recovery Mode'
  8. Once in recovery mode, select Install, browse to /sdcard/Download and chose which you had pushed.
  9. Done. Reboot and you will see an app SuperSU which will allow root permissions to different apps.

Simple. Won't take more than 10 minutes, and there are hundreds of similar tutorials / steps guide all over the internet. If you are stuck on any step, leave a comment. I will try and respond to the same.