Amazon India launched last month, and with it started their formal Indian Referral program. Essentially, they give a cut of 5% to 15% of each sale which originated from your website. Once you start advertising goods on Amazon, your site visitors click on the ads and subsequently make a purchase on, you get your cut. They pay when the total referral amount exceeds Rs. 2500. I jumped on the bandwagon, adding both Amazon India and Flipkart referrals on this website (In the sidebar you can see Amazon and Flipkart ads)

So far the earnings exceeded my initial expectations, as my friends, family and colleagues order different items via this blog's referral links.

Coming to the main point -
Why does Amazon sells Kindle via Croma retail in India?Beats me. They have listed it at Rs. 11k ($169) in here, vs. $119 (with offers) or $139 (without ads) in USA. A $50 (Rs. 3300) difference makes it a No-Go. Even lists Kindle Paperwhite at Rs. 10.5k, and with some discounts you can get it for ~Rs. 10k. Amazon India not having the cheapest price for it's on product, and not even selling it directly is a strange operating situation for them. Hopefully this is corrected for the next generation Kindles.

Dear Amazon,
Please sell Kindle Paperwhite in India for $119.

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Thanks again,

Update - A little birdie told me that Amazon cannot sell directly as they need FDI Retail license to do that. Good point! Mystery solved.