Continuing on my previous post, this post is about competency of India's current administration. I will again cite two examples from a prestigious publication - The Economist. 

First - Jobs / Economy

Title: Wasting time

"The most recent survey showed no net new jobs were created between 2004-05 and 2009-10, a dramatic slowdown on the previous five years, when 60m jobs were created." - Economist Article
Here's the video - 

It's a bone-chilling article on the current state of affairs in India after 10 years of current administration. 

No-net-new-jobs in a five year period, mainly because the way they have structured and implemented welfare policies. 

Second: Water / Resources

There are other perennial issues which are ignored by most administrations. Review the following video, again from Economist in September 2009

Corresponding article - India's Water Crisis

p.s. - I didn't even touch Coalgate and Thoriumgate.