In last two weeks, there have been several electoral prescriptions published in media. Here's a sample -
  1. Economist - Can anyone stop Narendra Modi?
    " ... this newspaper cannot bring itself to back Mr Modi for India’s highest office."
  2. Guardian - If Modi is elected, it will bode ill for India's future
    "... a failure of moral character and political ethics on the part of Modi is incompatible with India's secular constitution ... Were he to be elected prime minister, it would bode ill for India's future as a country ..."
  3. Bollywood's 60 - An appeal to voters
    "... we appeal to you to vote for the secular party, which is most likely to win in your constituency. "
  4. Guardian - Narendra Modi: Britain can't simply shrug off this Hindu extremist
    "A Modi victory will strengthen the arm of chauvinist forces in Britain ..."
The central issue it seems is Secularism and Apology. It also seems one may control corruption and poor governance by other means, however, communal-ism is an irreversible damage.

The above criticisms are fair. And they are part of the reasons to vote for clean, Non-Congress and Non-BJP, Non-Stupid candidates. As far as I can see, AAP is the only viable and rational choice in 2014 and future.

I don't need to repeat the insane, ghastly and blatant loot of resources that has taken place in last decade. I already posted four articles on the same. They are - Elect, Elect, Ordinance and Zero. Repeating few dramatic quotes - 
"Kalmadi and his associates decided to award the contract to Swiss Timing before a tender was floated and the terms were changed after its issuance to specifically ensure the firm won the deal. A much lower Rs 62 crore bid by Spanish firm MSL was rejected. Swiss Timing's bid was accepted despite a 2:2
split in the evaluation committee, investigation has revealed." - Link

"China’s boom created 130m net jobs in services and industry between 2002 and 2012. But India is no China. The most recent survey showed no net new jobs were created between 2004-05 and 2009-10, a dramatic slowdown on the previous five years, when 60m jobs were created." - Link
More than half of India has already voted. Only four phases remain. And while AAP may not win more than three to four seats, it's a start.

Best, Umang