Just the Links.
  1. Google goes DARPA
  2. Gavin Andresen: The Man Who Really Built Bitcoin
  3. First person Hyperlapse Video's
  4. Intel Broadwell Architecture Preview
  5. The 30-year old health sector Billionaire
  6. Alibaba IPO (related NYT Profiles of Jack Ma)
  7. Joi Ito - Shenzhen Trip Report
  8. Simplicam
  9. Why are we so Fat?
  10. A Call for Low-Carb Diet
  11. Coffee Naps
  12. Procrastination Loop
  13. You Suck at Technical Interviews
  14. Upower Tech
  15. 1000 hour rule (advice for kids)
  16. Subhash Khot’s prizewinning research
4th such post. See Links for earlier posted links.