Links. Just the Links again.
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  8. The $3.2 Billion Man: Can Google's Newest Star Outsmart Apple? - FastCompany
    "Fadell, a vegetarian who doesn't consume sugar or alcohol, eventually nixed unhealthy offerings and even turned down the opportunity to provide on-site massage services, thinking it would make his team too comfortable."
    "I might be the only person who is lucky enough to work with both Steve and Larry, and I cherish that."
  9. Dyson 360
    It took 16 years and $47 million to develop. Wired wrote a brief piece on the same Available in Japan first in 2015. Price not disclosed yet
  10. Vegetarian Child in the family - 4% of kids in USA identified to be Vegetarians (including 1% Vegans) - NYTimes
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    "To live the moment or record the moment? It’s become a defining dilemma of the iPhone age."
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