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A strong dose of light first thing in the morning can offset grogginess, Kushida says. Patients who give themselves about 30 minutes of light exposure shortly after waking are more likely to feel alert all day.  

"All foreign visitors to Japan invariably ride the trains and come away with the same impression: Japan’s public transportation is the cleanest, most courteous in the world, run by uniformed, be-gloved men and women who still epitomise a hallowed Japanese work ethic that most companies struggle to maintain"  
"But the most vital aspect of this efficiency is that trains run on time, all the time. This is not just a point of pride. It is a necessity, given the huge number of people that have to be moved. Transfers are timed to the split second, and the slightest delay has the butterfly effect of delaying connections."  
"The first Shinkansen skirted the Pacific coast through the huge industrial corridor that links the capital with Osaka. This is a nearly unbroken stretch of urbanisation: it has few parallels on the planet"  
Osaka to Tokyo is unbroken urbanization - Maps Link
"Modern Shinkansen trains run at 200mph reducing Tokyo-Osaka time to 2hr-25 minutes. From 7-8 hours originally. Planned Chuo Shinkansen Maglev train will run at 314mph, reducing time to 1hour-7 minutes"
"He long ago decided it was a waste of energy to choose anew what to wear each day" 
"Nolan's eight movies over 14 years have together generated just more than $3.5 billion in revenue" 
"his audience members — and not just his fans, but his critics — find themselves watching his movies twice, or three times, bleary-eyed and shivering in their dusky light, hallucinating wheels within wheels and stopping only to blog about the finer points. " 
"He has been anointed, without any apparent campaigning on his own behalf, the successor of both Steven Spielberg and Stanley Kubrick" 
"it’s pretty much impossible to think of a film that grossed more than a billion dollars and is better than “The Dark Knight”" 
"the solitary Hollywood icon who somehow does enormous, surprising, profitable things his own way" 
"His teeth are tanned a chestnut gradient, not by cigarettes but by tea."
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