I just bought a new keyboard, and it inspired me to push a new blog post out. I am just pushing a new links post. I had a lot of links on my reading list, and as I run through the backlog, I am also jotting downs the one’s I found interesting here. Happy reading.

  1. Generation Javascript

  2. This is why people leave your company

  3. Life lessons to excel in your 30s

  4. How GitHub uses GitHub to document GitHub

  5. Nathuram Godse’s Last Speech - Google Docs

  6. How my life was changed when I began caring about the people I did not hire. - Brooke Allen

  7. vs. Amazon - Bloomberg, Re/Code

  8. Awesome Courses - Github

  9. To Fall in Love with Anyone, Do This - NYtimes

  10. Guide to Commute by Bike - Gizmodo

  11. I Owe it all to Community College - NYTimes, Tom Hanks

  12. But where do people work in this office? - Link

  13. Future of AI - Kevin Kelly, Wired

  14. Why Some teams are smarter than others? NYTimes

  15. Why did Japan Surrender? -

  16. Genetic Algorithm Walkers

  17. Devi Shetty’s Affordable Healthcare in Cayman Islands - Forbes India

  18. Working at Netflix - Link

  19. Eigen Vectors and Eigen Values - Link

  20. 16 Things - Link

Best, Umang