New Links. Accumulated since May.

  1. Astronomer Royal Martin Rees: How soon will robots take over the world? Link
  2. In Busy Silicon Valley, Protein Power is in Demand NYTimes
  3. Oculus acquires Surreal Vision for 3D Scene reconstruction Link
  4. The unrealized horrors of Population Explosion NYTimes
  5. Our Water-Guzzlin Food Factory NYTimes
  6. Facebook’s Video Traffic Explosion Link
  7. Pink Slips at Disney NYTimes
  8. DARPA’s Robotic Challenge Entries Link
  9. Baidu’s team barred from A.I. Competition Link
  10. PepsiCo’s CEO was right. Now what? Link
  11. 97% Environmentalist Link
  12. Online Platforms Are Leveling the Playing Field for Global Job Seekers HBR
  13. The 100-year-old scientist who pushed the FDA to ban artificial trans fat Link
  14. The Greatest Good Link
  15. What Twitter can be Link

It’s ~1 month of bookmarked links.

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