The list for 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2010. Now for 2016

Fifth time is a charm. First a statistic, I made 13 pledges last year, and only one of them were successful firmly. 9 failed outright, and 3 were partial successes. So 5 out of 13 got some traction. This got me thinking about taking the pledges seriously. Here we go once more. Hopefully next year I will have a better success rate.

Outright Failures from last year, and not attempting again

  1. One book a week
  2. Frugal
  3. Minimize Disposable-Plastic Use
  4. Learn a New Language
  5. No Carrom
  6. Catch up with TED (220 pending, 66-hours behind)
  7. Run, 5km a week
  8. Exercise (minimum 5 times a week)
  9. Public Transport

Partial Success, and continuing

  1. Minimal milk based beverages, No Soft-Drinks
  2. 60 km per week cycling, annual 3000km (attempted 80 last year) stats
  3. Vegan (90%) (attempted 95% last year, declined compliance)

Successful and continuing

  1. 7-year lock in

New and Revised ones

  1. One book a month
  2. Yoga + Exercise + Run + Cycle - minimum twice a week

New and Experimental - This is a new category. I am not sure I will be able to comply with these, however I still want to make an attempt at the same

  1. Disposable Packaging - I will keep a log of all packaged goods I do end up buying this year. It’s an attempt to minimize the amount of stuff I throw in a dustbin, even when if it gets recycled. Essentially the preference to buy stuff without packaging and highly recyclable products.
  2. Travel - Make time to travel within India, especially Eastern portions.

Drowning in the flood of Capitalism, I’ve dropped my attempts at being Frugal.

Best, Umang