Tehcmeme feed is flooded by AWS announcements. Here is a sample.

Day 2

  1. Andy Jassy’s Keynote Blog post by AWS CEO - Link (Official list of all announcements)
  2. AWS Debuts MediaConnect, Live Video Upload and Transfer Service (partnerships from ITV, Arqiva, Discovery Networks, and Pac-12.) - Link
  3. AWS announces new Inferentia machine learning chip - Link
  4. Amazon Web Services will sell hardware to hybrid cloud customers to run in their own data centers - Link, Link2
  5. Amazon debuts new self-driving racing league with tiny machine learning-powered race cars (1/18th replica of a car) - Link
  6. Amazon gets into the blockchain with Quantum Ledger Database & Managed Blockchain - Link
  7. Amazon Elastic Inference will reduce deep learning costs by ~75% (GPU instances) - Link

Day 1

  1. Amazon Web Services launches AWS Ground Station, a cloud service for satellite operators - Link
  2. Amazon opens its internal machine learning courses to all for free - Link
  3. AWS Global Accelerator to boost performance across regions - Link
  4. Amazon Web Services introduces its own custom-designed Arm server processor Graviton, promises 45 percent lower costs for some workloads - Link

Best, Umang